Gait Analysis

Running gait analysis and biomechanics using baiobit and Footscan technology


Gait Analysis

To analyse running gait, we use the same innovative technology as professional athletes. We’re the only clinic in the East Midlands to use the Baiobit movement analysis and Footscan technology to give you the complete picture. We’re also one of only 6 clinics in the country to use the state of the art Baiobit technology.

What is Gait Analysis and Biomechanics?

Gait analysis is the process of looking at how your body moves as you walk or run, this is also known as biomechanics. This analysis may begin and end with your feet, but it incorporates your entire body. Every step you take involves muscle activity as you move your whole body. Your feet are only a part of that expression and movement. That's why a full analysis of how you move is very important, it can determine if you have any bad habits causing extra strain on your body. Gait analysis could transform your walking and running, making your life easier, pain free and more active.

What is Baiobit?

Baiobit is a wearable device that analyses your movement to give you and your therapist accurate data. We use this to see how you're moving and how this is impacting on your body and causing injuries. Baiobit is unique as it measures and scores your balance, jumping, walking, running as well as back and pelvic movements. This data is recorded and sent to you, it can also be used to compare your progress in the future.

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If the gait analysis and the Footscan technology has highlighted issues with your foot movement then we can discuss orthotics

Give us a call on 0115 960 9553. Your call will be treated in confidence and we might even be able to fit you in today. Alternatively use our contact form.

Gait Analysis

What does the Footscanner do?

The Foot Scanner is a scanner which is placed on the ground and when you walk and run across it a 2D and 3D analysis of your foot movement is performed. The high speed measurement and high sensor resolution offers a detailed view on the pressure distribution and foot movement. This sophisticated scanning technology checks for any dysfunction, asymmetry or gait abnormalities. We use the Foot scanner in combination with the Baiobit for some of the tests so we can assess the foot and pelvis movement at the same time. Using both pieces of equipment gives you and our biomechanics specialist the complete picture!

If the gait analysis and Footscanner technology has highlighted issues with your foot movement then we can discuss orthotics. The information from the Footscanner is used to create a custom 3D printed orthotic made specifically to your movement patterns. These orthotics can help to reduce stress and strain on your body by bringing your feet back into proper alignment.

Gait Analysis

How does it help with my injuries?

We will use this data to help explain to you why injuries might be happening and how to prevent future ones by fixing any imbalances detected. The technology is currently used by elite runners and athletes and it is proving to be very successful! So if you want to improve your running or walking, understand your biomechanics, reduce any discomfort from an injury, help prevent future injuries and keep active for longer then this is definitely going to be beneficial!

What happens with the data gathered?

All of the results from the various tests will be explained to you and graphs and images will be shown to help you visualise any issues that may have been highlighted. We can send you away with some exercises to do and we can also make ongoing recommendations regarding any Physiotherapy treatment you might need or custom 3D printed orthotics. We then recommend you have another assessment done, once you feel you have addressed the issues, to retest your biomechanics. The system will create comparison graphs and % improvements on your scores so you can see how much better your running or walking gait is!

Who does the Running Biomechanics session?

Sophie Matthews is our in house Biomechanics specialist and will look after you during your session. Sophie found a passion for biomechanic whilst completing a Sports and Exercise Science degree. She then went on to complete a masters in Biomechanics at Loughborough University where she also works as a technical tutor in Biomechanics.

I’m not a runner, can I do it?

The session will be beneficial for a wide range of sports as it checks stability, power, balance, gait and symmetry. Measuring your balance and stability is crucial for sports which involve impact and changes of direction. This type of assessment is performed on professional footballers and rugby players. Professionals understand the importance of analysing the fundamentals, we think you deserve this too!

This session is also for those concerned about how they walk, their symmetry and balance, and you feel this could be contributing to injuries, then the session can be very beneficial. You don’t have to do the run and jump tests if this isn’t suitable. The session can be modified to suit you and it’ll still give you lots of useful information, advice and hopefully get to the cause of your injury.

I am a runner/sports person without injuries, is this useful for me?

Often the body is compensating without you realising and we see this a lot in our clinic. People often haven’t realised that they are weaker or their balance is worse on one side. By assessing your gait we can detect any imbalanced/weak/tight areas before they turn into an injury! The body seems to have a way of timing injuries just before an event you’ve been training so hard for, we want to help prevent that.

How much does it cost?

£100 for a 60 minute Gait Analysis session. OFFER: 4 sessions for £350 so you can regularly check your gait throughout the year.

Gait Analysis

Gait Analysis

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